Lorelei Lee in Divinebitches Chastity on the Rocks: David Chase Episode 2 August 04, 2010 Humiliation, Slave

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#mm h3, #mm h4, #mm de, #mm ol, #mm ol li, #mm ul, #mm ul li font-family:Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif;text-align:left;#mm h3, #mm h4 font-weight:bold; margin-top: 15px; margin-bottom: 5px;#mm p margin-bottom: 15px; #mm ol, #mm ul margin-top: 2px; list-style-position: outside; padding-left: 40px; #mm ol li list-style:decimal; Divine Bitch: Mistress Lorelei LeeMeat: David ChaseDavid Chase has been locked in a CB6000 for weekly. Mistress Lorelei Lee has got ZERO sympathy for this little fucker. It’s day 2 and when this slave is going to be around Divine Bitch criteria measures have to be taken immediately. Slave David thinks Mistress Lorelei is candy letting him from chastity but she strikes him with the reality of the scenario one after the other. He’s placed in bed, flogged, caned humiliated and has his balls stunned. His bum is deeply invaded with a colossal dick while a ball and cock smashing CBT device is set on his boiling balls. Mistress Lorelei uses her flirty personality to fool David. This wicked bitch goes up to fucking the cock. Little does he understand his brand new industrial metallic chastity belt is chillin behind him on ice. Mistress Lorelei stuffs his aching cock and completely obliterated him subsequently sends him. This should teach this sexy bastard to control his dirty fucking bit of man meat!Tune in next time 3 of David’s coaching and Discover just how his next week at chastity unfolds!Maitresse’s EvaluationObjectivesrestraintaccept the relinquishment of his manhooddispositionproper position and attitude throughout punishmenthard gagswill take advantage of prolonged periods gaggedass drillsexpand ability for anal penetrationClosing assessmentstill having problems giving up control of manhooda piece brattymust work on position, grace and attitudepotential servant is an eager messwill stay in chastity

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