Bimaxx Muscle Hunk Attracts Both Sides… February 22, 2010 Bisexual

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Muscle hunks never have trouble finding someone to fuck, and in this Bimaxx scene our buff star finds two admirers while he´s doing his second favorite activity (second to fucking), working out. Seeing as this is Bimaxx, you know one of them is a horny, natural looking chick and the other is a tall, also well-built guy looking for some fun – we´ve got both genders covered! After admiring the hunk´s bulging muscles, and bulging hard-on while he´s working out, these three horny bi buddies take it to the bed and fuck away in a proper MMF fashion that´ll have you wishing your hole was getting plugged in the middle of this bi sandwich! This trio isn´t stopping until they´ve all been thoroughly bi satisfied, and you better believe that by the end of this cocks will be spewing, one onto the muscle hunk and one on the supremely happy chick!

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