Pissinginaction Clothes Drenched In Hot Piss March 31, 2017 Masturbation, Outdoors

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There´s a reason why you will find places to sunbath nude, and places where it is not permitted, because it´s well known that when two prudish, God-fearing women run across a couple of men sunbathing nude in a local park, they will succumb to “cock madness,” much like the insanity that the pot smokers succumbed to in that film “Reefer Madness.” Being stumbled upon is a definite welcome scenario for both of these guys, who can, because it´s well recorded in biblical literature, fuck whatever which has a pulse, and they finish off those two innocent babes frenzied with cock madness by hammering cum on their cute chins and drenching their garments in piss.

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