Dak Ramsey in Boundgods The Shower Lurker February 05, 2009 Slapping, Gay

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It’s hard to say whether Billy Berlin is lurking inside the showers or that he enjoys being very clean. Dak Ramsey merely wishes to change his clothes and get a good workout, but he’s sidetracked by the sight of Billy, naked in the bathtub. Dak catches Billy and makes him do some horrible cock-sucking. Billy informs Dak to let him go because he is willing to play, but Dak fails because he loves it rough. Dak proceeds by slapping Billy’s ass until it is super red. He then cleans out Billy’s ass having an enema bag along with a shower shooter. Dak fucks Billy difficult and cums all over his face. Yet Dak is not completed with Billy, and fists him while he’s in tight bondage then makes him blow his load.Is this really happening — or could it be a mere locker room fantasy?

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