Christian Wilde in Boundgods Huge-Dicked Sub Jack Andy Gets An Intense Beating From Christian Wilde August 03, 2017 Gag, Male Sub

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Jack Andy has a huge cock and can be completely fresh to Kinkmen, but his solid body is prepared for whatever extreme distress Bound Gods must dish out. Cool and sadistic Christian Wilde is the lucky dom, and he wastes no time breaking from the new guy. Jack is tied to a cage and rope gagged while Christian destroys his body with his open palms and a thick billy club. The burning and biting are almost overwhelming as Jack yells to his gag and his skin turns a deep, fiery red. Christian discharges Jacks giant cock out of his jock and teases and jerks itletting up with the beating. Jack is torn between pleasure and the pain as his enormous dick contrasts between his thighs. Having served Christian well, hes then put on the ground, bound, and made to lick at his doms boots, all of the way up and down just like a fantastic slave. Hes spanked and flogged while being contested with the chance of getting at Christians thick, rock hard cock. But only once hes got it does he finally get it. Christian whips it out and shoves it in Jacks throat, pumping his face with good dick. Jack eats up it with a fervor, voraciously sucking and slurping on this penis, till Christian backs off and flogs his slave savagely and intensely. Finally, Jack is tied, bent on a strong wooden wedge, blindfolded, gagged and whipped repeatedly using a cat o nine tails. The sensory deprivation combined with stinging bodily sensations are nearly overpowering since Jack wails and trembles beneath the punishment. But it just gets crazier as Christian rams his thick dick deep into Jacks hungry ass. The sweat pours off both guys since Christian fucks Jack so damn difficult he owes everything about the flogging along with the billy club and also the cat o nine tails. All he wants is that dick pounding his ass, ramming in as deep as he could shoot it. Christian finally blows his enormous load all over his slaves encounter, but until hes even done Jack is swallowing the cock down his throat expecting for all of the cum he can get. Christian then makes Jack work his very own long thick cock and then shoot his load onto his boots, then slurp it up as his final benefit.

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