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I understood that large tit bimbo Gia Love stole from my lingerie business. Lots of beautiful lingerie has been disappearing and I knew she had been guilty of the theft. I leave her to take inventory of the stock that is newest and that I pretend I am off to run errands. I watch as she pulls the new line of expensive bras and panties and shoves them. I grab the burglar across the throat at a tight hold and march in. I tell her &intense;m and that she panics. No! Please!! Anything but that!!! I drag her and inform her she will be an illustration for the other workers. I hook her wrists to a hook on an over head rope and crank up her arms over her head. I pull her tight skirt that is tight and then there she is in the brand-new panty we’re currently incorporating. What the fuck is that? Furious, I grab her lace blouse and tear it ripping it to shreads off her voluptuous body showing Gia wearing my brand new bra! I cut on the bra off revealing her enormous tits. I ball up one of those sleeves I ripped her off and push it deeply into her huge mouth wrapping elastic bandage round and and completing the gag. I pull it around her waist pulling it tight and catch the next rope. Then pulling her crotch rope upward and about dividing her pussy in 2. The busty brunette begins to sweat – . I add a spreader bar and crank the winch up another few notches causing helpless Gia to twist on her toes. You´re planning to earn a perfect example of what happens to thieves in my business. That the worker meeting isn&severe;t happening for another two days. I leave the thug misery grunting throughout her mouth that is packed hanging.

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