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Curvy Mob Accountant Lana Lane is busy studying numbers and cooking the books. She is so engrossed in her work that she doesn´t hear hench woman Star Nine tip toeing in the background. Star ambushes Lana from behind grabbing her in a brutal choke hold. Lana struggles but is soon under control of Star and she is limp on the floor. Star quickly grabs rope and binds Lana´s elbows and wrists together behind her back. Finishing her off tieing her ankles together and jacking Lana´s body into a tight little hogtie. She rolls Lana over face slapping her until she wakes up. Better cooperate now bitch. What is the password? Lana feigns innocence and Star tries to access the information from the laptop. Unsuccessful, Star chokes Lana and decides to search the house for the second set of books. I enter the room and find Lana bound up – what is going on? Lana fills me in while I untie some of her bondage leaving her wrists free and her elbows still bound. I hide until Star returns and we grapple. I grab her throat and refuse to let go as Star chokes and gags until she goes down. I quickly rope up the lanky hench woman and demand information – who the fuck sent you blondie? I´m the boss of this family and you will talk. I XXXX Star up on her knees and demand to know who she is working for. I choke the bitch with my gloved hands, but Star won´t give it up. She spits at me as I grab a garrote and flash it across her face. Lana chimes in get rid of her! Then Star informs me that Lana has double crossed me! I gag the mob accountant and pull out a plastic bag. No one double crosses me!! I take care of business with these two conniving bitches the Italian way and I grab the laptop and leave.

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