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To some key Army place separating broadcasts from Russia I am dispatched as a cryptologist. I am engrossed in my notebook and listen to some movement . I presume it is among my privates who left his smokes on the desk and I toss them. Assumption as a hit man ambuushs me sent to learn before destroying me what army secrets I have deciphered. He clamps his big hand and retains my elbows behind my back hammering down my battling body on the desk. I kick and fight, but he is much too powerful to be discouraged by my efforts to escape his grip and my elbows are bound by him with a leather cord. The bastard XXXX a rag deeply to my open mouth securing it in using elastic bandage and in addition to that he wraps tape around and silencing me. He unbuttons my uniform groping and fondling my tits pulling my skirt up and pushes me down. He begins to interrogate me but I refuse to collaborate. He secures down my wrists tightly to te seat rebounds and adds my ankles pulling them up off the ground and leather cords. I refuse to provide info to him though he wraps his hands and disturbs me. I gasp and choke but hold firm in my decision not to disclose anything. The leather cord is brought by him up and ties it on my throat. 1 last chance to talk he says slapping against my. Your thighs won´t encourage you forever he warns. He watches the leather cord dig deeply into the flesh around my neck as my thighs start to acquire fatigued my entire body twitches and moves closely. I tease and gurgle realizing the futility of my plight and that my departure is unavoidable.

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