Miki in Hotlegsandfeet Toe poking and sucking lesbi set! November 26, 2005 Grey Eyes, Ass Licking

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What’s up guys it’s me Cherry Jul well today Miki and I decided to stay in, the weathers not that great and to tell you the truth both are twats could use a day of rest from cock. We’ve both been getting fucked pretty hard seen getting here and we knew there’s much more cock to cum. Now don’t look like that Miki and I have something very special planned today you see it’s our day to play. Yesterday he went shopping for new lingerie and nylons just for this day. We ended up staying in bed really late, we played around a bit then we got showered up put on our new lingerie and then the real fun began. Miki and I stood in front of this chair and began kissing and touching each others sexy bodies. Miki kneeled down and began licking, kissing, and rubbing my leg and ass up and down inside and all around. I reached down and started rubbing my own ass and legs as Miki continued licking and caressing my legs from below. We played with the tops of our nylons and rubbed your bodies all over then Miki got in the chair and lifted her leg up high. I held her leg started licking her shoe and foot then I rubbed her leg up and down while she licked and sucked on her finger. I slipped off her shoe and then licked and sucked her toes before licking the very bottom of her foot. I tongued her toes each one by one as Miki licked and kissed her shoe. Miki started rubbing her foot on my twat then I grabbed her by her ankle and started grinding my pussy on her foot. I held her other foot and started licking the bottom and heel of her shoe then I slipped it off and gave it a sniff then passed it on to Miki to do the same. I started licking and sucking her foot and toes as she licked and sucked the spiked heel of her shoe. I grabbed her other foot holding them both to my mouth and sucked all her toes, then I rubbed and kissed up and down her sexy legs before helping her up and getting her into Doggy. I leaned over and started licking her ass then I slowly pulled her panties down to her knees. Miki turn around and I slipped off her panties and I put my foot up on the chair, Miki started rubbing my leg up and down and then she started kissing my foot and shoe. She lifted my foot and sucked the heel of my shoe before slipping it off and holding my foot in her hands then I pushed my foot towards her mouth to suck and she started licking and sucking on my toes. I rubbed my body and then started playing with my tits as Miki held my foot and rubbed it on her face, she licked the bottom of my foot and then went right back to sucking my toes, making them all slobbery and wet. I got in the chair and raised my foot to my mouth licking and sucking my foot and toes as Miki sat on the below doing the same, we traded feet licking and sucking all over again. I lift both my legs and Miki started rubbing my ass then she pulled my panties down to my feet, she gave my panties a really long sniffing then she wrapped around my feet. She held my feet and licked my toes and I began rubbing my horny puss up and down then Miki took my feet and rubbed them on her tits as I continued rubbing my cunt up and down. She took my panties and giving them another sniff before licking and sucking on my toes. Miki leaned forward and started licking my snatch, flicking my clit with her tongue and sucking it into her warm wet mouth. I grabbed Miki’s foot and started licking and sucking it and her toes, then she took my foot and started doing the same, I reached down and started rubbing my nasty wet pink and then Miki began licking it up and down. Miki went and sat on the back of the chair and I got on the floor and started licking her toes and feet, I slowly licked my way up her leg as she rubbed and played with her horny wet puss. I spread her cunt wide then planted my tongue on her clit flicking it hard and fast then I laid in the chair and started sucking on her foot and toes, making them as nasty as I could. Miki put her other foot between my legs and was rubbing it up and down on my wet pussy then I reached up and began rubbing her leg, then Miki leaned forward and we shared a long passionate kissing,

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