Lexi Sindel in Femdomempire Sissy Cuckold August 21, 2012 Blonde, Crossdressing

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Lexi retains her sissy cuckold husband totally feminized and locked in a cage while she goes out on dates with different guys. Lexi brings her date back to show off just what a slutty sissy slut she has turned her husband . Lexi unzips her new lovers cock and orders her sissy catch on her lips and suck the cock she will be fucking from now on. Sissy cuckolds dick will locked away in chastity and underwear at all times from now on. She’s completely removed his manhood and turned him into a penis sucking cuck. Lexi jerks a big load out of her fans big cock straight into her forehead mouth, then she requests he swallow his cum all if he doesnt want everyone to learn about just what a pathetic slut he has become. Lexi simply yells at the ashamed cuckold slut and locks him back in the cage with cum all over his face.

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