Zaid Powers in Menonedge Edged at the Cinemas April 25, 2017 Male Sub, Prostate Stimulation

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Dominic Pacifico is all horned up down in the dirty porno theater, when he notices a hot stud, Zaid Powers walk-in. When the theatre accomplishes, and the two have been left lonely, Dominic decides to take advantage of the situation. He participates Zaid in tight rope, with a gag lodged inside his mouth so that the theater attendant won’t listen. The horny perv tears off the boy’s panties and indulges himself with the thick slice of meat that dangles ahead of him. The tit suckers make his nipples additional sensitive, forcing himself into a trend of laughter from the extreme tickling. Legs spread wide, Zaid’s hole has been opened for Dominic’s tongue glide down and up, while the fleshjack jacks his hard cock right to the edge. Eventually, Zaid oozes cum around Dominic’s stroking hand until he is tormented with one more round of tickling and cock-polishing!

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