Trey Turner in When Tops Needs A Pounding Part 2 March 4, 2016 Climax, Jerking off

Brayden just returned from the gym and as he was getting dressed, he noticed a wrapper and condom next to his bed. He grabs the wrapper and his heart sinks as he realizes that Trey is cheating on Brayden. He looks around, wondering where Trey is. Trey returns home, and Brayden questions him about the condom. Trey refuses to deny that condom and says that Brayden needs to have a fucked with an aggressive top. He also tells Trey that it hasnAt been happening for him. Brayden, hot as hell, challenges Trey to this assumption. They both begin to kiss passionately. As their clothes fly off, they wrestle on the bed. Trey tells Trey how he would like to be loved, sucked and fucked. Brayden will do whatever he wishes, allowing Trey to do exactly what he desires at all times. Both fuck hard, releasing all their anger and stored energy into one final explosion of delicious warm cum.

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